Our large-scale medical symposia are designed to update clinicians on the latest advances in Canadian healthcare.

Building on our mission of advancing peer-to-peer education Canadian clinicians, our large-scale medical symposia are tailored to provide attendees with specific and in-depth information most relevant to their practice. Our emphasis on real-world evidence and application means meeting takeaways are immediately actionable.

We believe fostering discussion—rather than relying on didactic lecture—is the most effective way to share knowledge. All our symposia are structured to maximize collegial learning opportunities, as well as to facilitate networking among delegates and sponsor representatives.

recent symposia

the 2023 Canadian Hematology Today Symposium on B-Cell Malignancies

The 2023 Canadian Hematology Today Symposium on B-Cell Malignancies was held in Toronto on Saturday, May 6. The inaugural meeting was met with overwhelmingly positive feedback from attendees, faculty, and industry guests.

Clinician responses to the post-meeting survey emphasized the quality of information presented and the extensive line-up of expert speakers. Respondents also praised the symposium’s format, which featured case-based panel discussions alongside traditional didactic lectures for each of the five major topics covered. It offered immediate opportunities for clinicians to consider applications of the latest updates and insights gleaned from lectures, and to confer with the country’s foremost experts in hematology.

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symposium proceedings

the 2023 Canadian Dermatology Today LEAD Symposium on Atopic Dermatitis

The 2023 Canadian Dermatology Today LEAD Symposium was held in Toronto on July 14 & 15. The inaugural meeting was attended by early-in-practice dermatologists from across Canada and led by a faculty of key opinion leaders in dermatology.

Participants praised the practicality of the material and its focus on real‑world clinical applications. The complex case rounds held during lunch were very popular, providing opportunities for focused small‑group discussion with experts.

Ultimately, the LEAD Symposium delivered a peer-to-peer space for clinicians to share real-world knowledge and for future leaders in dermatology to refine their skills.

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the Canadian Hematology Today Toronto Lymphoma Conference 2023

The Toronto Lymphoma Conference 2023 was held in Toronto on November 3, and featured internationally recognized faculty from across Canada and the United States.

Attendees from the Greater Toronto Area spent the day hearing lectures across 6 main tracks: follicular lymphoma, peripheral T-cell lymphoma, diffuse large B-cell lymphoma, classical Hodgkin lymphoma, mantle cell lymphoma, and chronic lymphocytic leukemia.

The didactic and panel discussion-based format allowed for optimal interaction and learning for attendees with ample networking time provided during meals and breaks.

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